Ugyen Tshering

Mr. Ugyen Tshering after graduating from the University of Delhi, specialized in film editing from FTII,Pune in 1991 & 92. He went for further studies in television as social studies at the uni. of Waikato New Zealand (1994- 95).

He spearheaded in launching the national television of Bhutan in 1999.

While pursuing his career as an independent documentary film maker, he joined politics and was elected as one of the first historic MP in 2008 in Bhutan.

Today he produces documentary films writing his own script, film and does post production. He used to be regular writer for inflight magazine for national airline Druk Air often writing cover stories. He earned a name for himself when he wrote almost the entire magazine for fund raising for his beloved school reunion. A magazine that was titled “A tribute to teachers” documenting all the teachers who served their entire lives in the school. Ugyen has written on history of Bhutanese films which is only 28years old. Ugyen is very active on social media shaping opinions and influencing public views. A keen hiker, he has scaled almost all the mountains in the country.

Mr. Ugyen is a jury member for reviewing of reviews on books by college students around the country besides being a judge for national film awards competition each year.