Tiamerenla Monalisa Changkija

Journalist-Poet Tiamerenla Monalisa Changkija is the only woman Editor, Proprietor and Publisher of an English Daily – Nagaland Page – in the Northeast. She was awarded the 2009 Chameli Devi Jain Awarded for an Outstanding Woman Media person. She began her career in journalism in 1985.

She is a recipient of the Poetry Society of India award in 2009, the NSUD Inspiration Award 2013 for Literature, the Nagaland Governor’s Award for Distinction (Outstanding Achievements and Contribution) in Literature in 2014 and the 30th FICCI Women Achiever of the Year 2013-2014 for Outstanding Contributions as a Journalist.

Her poems are taught in the Alternative English course of the Nagaland Board of School Education since 2007, the BA and MA English courses in Nagaland University since 2004 and in the M. Phil course of the North East Hills University since 2011.

Several MA, M. Phil and Ph. D scholars continue to write their dissertations and theses on her poems, articles, features and Editorials.

Her first volume of poetry Weapons of Words of Pages of Pain was published in 1993.

Her second volume of poetry Monsoon Mourning was published in 2007.

Her short stories, poems and features have been published in several Anthologies, journals, magazines and newspapers.

Her book titled Cogitating for a Better Deal, a compilation of six seminar papers, published in 2014, was banned by the Ao Senden, the tribal Hoho of the Ao tribe, to which she belongs.