Tenzin Tsundue

I was born to a Tibetan refugee family in 1970s in the Spiti Valley, Himachal state of North India. I am not a citizen of India nor have I any rights in Tibet, the country my parents escaped due to Chinese persecution. I am a stateless person. I started writing when I was doing my studies in Bombay University. I am an activist in the Tibetan freedom movement, and my socio-political activism has taken me to 15 different jails in Tibet and India, and also to 20 different countries talking Tibet. I make a small living out of my writings; publishing and selling books myself. At the moment I am working on a new book, a collection of enduring stories of Tibetan exiles. I live in a rented room in Dharamshala, Himachal, North India.

As a refugee living between the dream of tomorrow and the reality of today, I find the life of an exile extremely facinating, and often wonder about what I call the “Exile-nation”. I believe that exile makes one imaginative, creative and resourceful in adaptation. I have been exploring the ideas of identity, culture, belongingness, and the mass and the individual behaviour. And as the world is seeing an increasing trends in displacement and migration, diasporic and exile literatures will be an international trend. I write about these subjects as I live the life of a refugee myself, and physically and intellectually explore the idea of exile. I am a student of language; as a writer I am in the constant search for a more new perspective and more incisive language.

Some of my writings have are being taught as text in The University of Madras, Loyola College (Chennai), Emory University (Atlanta, USA), University of Delhi

I have designed workshops in creative writing; short and medium course for schools and colleges. I speak in colleges, universities and civil society groups on varied topics like Exile Writing, Writing and Resistance, Adaptation and Appropriation in Exile Culture, Languages of Protest, Arts Trends in Occupied Tibet, Buddhism and Activism, Culture, Identity and Politics. As a writer and poet I have done extensive speaking tours in India and twenty other countries including the US, the UK, Australia, France and Germany.