Shaheen Akhtar

Shaheen Akhtar was born in Comilla in Bangladesh. Now she lives in Dhaka. Written between 2001-2003,Talaash (The Search) is her second novel, for which she won the Prothom Alo Best Book Award in 2004. The novel is about birangana (literally heroic women) of Bangladesh – women who were raped during the liberation war in 1971. Her third novel `SokhiRongomala’ (Beloved Rongomala) is based on a true event in the 18th century about an inter-caste love affair. SokhiRongomala, translated in English, is to be published soon. Shaheen Akhtar’s most recent novel MoyurShinghashon (The Peacock Throne) based on the historical journey of Shuja, Mughal prince and Subehdar of ancient undivided Bengal, who flees after losing the throne of India to his brother. He finds shelter in Arakan (in present-day Burma), where he is assassinated alongside his family. For her novel MoyurShinghashon,Shaheen won Akhtarujjaman Elias Kothashahitya Award 2015 &IFIC Bank Award 2015. The theme of Shaheen’s present novel (forth coming) is Bengal Partition. She has five collections of short stories & several edited anthologies.Shaheen Akhtar has been awarded ‘Sera Bangali 2014’ in the field of Literature by ABP Ananda, the leading Bengali News channel in India. For her literary contributions Shaheen has received Bangla Academy Award-2015. Her works have been translated into English, German, and Korean.