Salma is a well-known name to readers of contemporary Tamil literature. With two volumes of poetry – “One evening and anothor evening and green angel” – and novels – Dreams and THE HOUR PAST MIDNIGHT- a short story collection. all of which have been translated to several languages, Salma has made her mark as a distinctive literary voice. Lakshmi Holmstrom’s English translation of her novel, entitled The Hour Past Midnight, was recently shortlisted for the Crossword Book Prize. and long listed for MAN ASIAN PRIZE . Salma’s poetry and fiction have carved an undeniable place in the Tamil literary terrain for the articulation of desire and sexuality as well as the emotions that animate the domestic space every day, subjects that are often considered beneath literary consideration.

Salma has been the recipient of several awards and honours, and has also been a special invitee to several book festivals and seminars. She was the only representative of Tamil literature at the London Book Fair in 2009. In 2007, the University of Chicago organized a two-day seminar, as part of the annual Norman J. Cutlet Conference, to discuss her literary works.
Besides being a woman of letters, Salma has also been a committed public servant and activist. she is running a NGO called YOURHOPEISREMAINING ..she is working for women rights and awareness of Education.

She spoke against child marriages at parliament of CANADA at OTTAWA.

She was the elected President of the Ponnampatti Panchayat, 2001-2006. She also served as the Chairman of the Social Welfare Board, Govt. of Tamil Nadu, during which time she was instrumental in establishing several welfare schemes, including some landmark ones directed to the transgender community in Tamil Nadu. For her contributions, she was also member of the theDr.DurgabaiDeshmukh Award committee for 2005-2007 by Hon’ble wife of the then Vice President of india.

British film maker kimlonginotto made a Documentary film about Salma. For British television CHANNAL 4 .that film screened near 100 countries international film FESTIVALS and WON 14 International Awards.salma traveling with this film many countries.