Ratnottama Das

Dr. Ratnottama Das is an Assistant Professor in the Department of M.I.L.&L.S. (Modern Indian Languages and Literary Studies), Faculty of Arts, University of Delhi, where she teaches Assamese and Comparative Indian Literature.  Along with her teaching and guiding research scholars, Dr. Das has been associated with fieldwork based indigenous-lore (folklore) studies, and in this connection, she has visited and stayed in many interior indigenous villages of Assam, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Sikkim and Kalimpong (West Bengal), Manipur etc.  Particularly, she has been working on the culture and lore of the Lepcha tribe of Kalimpong since 2008.

Dr. Das is a creative writer with two critically acclaimed books (novel and novellas) published in Assamese till now. Her first novel received a prestigious state level recognistion in Assam.It is worthy to be mentioned here that two scholars have taken “Harigunakahananajaai” as major parts of their PhD topics from Guwahati University and one has been working for MPhil dissertation from Tezpur University. Dr. Das has also got the “Travel Grant for Young Authors” by SahityaAcademi in the year 2016.  A known newspaper columnist in Assam, Dr. Das writes two fortnightly columns in two reputed Assamese daily. One is “Abyaktigata” in “Niyomiyabarta” and the other is “Ityadi” in “DainikJanambhumi”.She writes regularly in newspapers, journals and literary magazines and has keen interest in art and paintings.