Randy Taguchi

Randy Taguchi first started publishing her work on the internet in 1996, and soon had around 100,000 people reading her site.
Now with 20 novels and 44 nonfictions published in Japanese.
Taguchi draws on modern psychology as well as ancient spiritual beliefs to create a powerful account of grief, pain, and healing.
Her writing style is vivid, with expert pacing and economy of words, and a visual quality reminiscent of manga or cinema.
Her first novel “Outlet,” which was published in 2000, has been printed more than 800,000 copies in Japan.
“Outlet” was made into movie also in 2000, and in the following year, its sequel “Antenna,” was also filmed.
“Dekireba Mukatsukazuni Ikitai” won the 2001 Fujin Koron Literary Award. In 2003, the English edition of “Outlet” was published by Vertical.
Her novels have been translated into various languages including English, Italian, Korea, Indonesia, Chinese, and Romanian.