Pankaj Thapa (Prem Singh Thapa)

Pankaj Thapa (official name Prem Singh Thapa) is an Associate Professor and Head of the Department of English, Sikkim Government College at Tadong where he has been teaching for the past 34 years.

He completed his school and graduation from St. Edmund’s School, run by the Irish missionaries in Shillong and his Masters in English from the North Eastern Hill University. He visited Sikkim in 1983 where he joined the Sikkim Government College as a Lecturer in English and has been teaching there since then.

He enjoys teaching and has given talks at various institutions and universities on topics that range from Literature, and graphic novels to his cartoons, which was his signature contribution in Sikkim Express.
He was invited to the International World Book Fair at New Delhi in Feb 2015 to showcase and speak on his cartoons. The event was organised by the National Book Trust of India. Most recently he was a panelist in the session on graphic novels at the Northeast Literary Festival in Guwahati, October 2016.

An avid fan of comics and graphic novels, he began sketching early in school. Since then he has done a graphic novel ‘The Boy Who Had A Dream’, a nomadic folk tale from Tibet written by the Ven. RinguTulkuRimpoche (pub: Finhorn Press, Scotland)
He has illustrated YisheyDoma’s ‘Legends of the Lepchas’ , Kynpham Singh’s ‘Stories Around the Hearth’, UddipanaGoswami’s ‘Where we come From, Where we are Going’ and is presently working on his friend’s collection of poems.

He has been a member of the Sahitya Academy, New Delhi, a judge for the Sikkim Academy of Fine Arts,various literary and music events and several Sikkim Beauty Pageants. He enjoys books and graphic novels, animation films and has an eclectic taste in music. He is a founder member of CONVERSE SIKKIM, an Annual Creative Writer’s Meet organized since 1998 in Gangtok. During his spare time he enjoys organising informal musical events for friends and family.