Niranjan Kunwar

Niranjan Kunwar is an Assistant Editor of La.lit, a literary magazine based in Kathmandu that produces two print volumes annually and maintains an active website.

Niranjan returned to Nepal in 2013 after spending a dozen years in the United States, mainly in New York City where he completed a Masters in Childhood Education. Niranjan worked as a teacher in both private and public schools in Manhattan, an experience which exposed him to the power of a literacy-rich curriculum and further substantiated his belief to design a career path devoted to education and literature. Aside from writing, he works as an independent Educational Consultant in Kathmandu and enjoys meaningful projects that involve collaboration with other educators, teachers and artists.

Apart from La.lit, his writing has appeared in Himal Southasian, The Kathmandu Post, The Huffington Post, Record Nepal and ECS Media.