Moushumi Kandali

Dr.  Moushumi Kandali ,  is   a bilingual writer ( Assamese and English) ,  art critic-historian and translator  with nine published  books . She has  published  four  collections of  short stories, two research books on visual art and two books of translation and one text book for SEBA, Assam.   Dr.  Moushumi Kandali  is  an assistant professor at the School of Culture & creative expressions   in the   Ambedkar University of  Social Science & Humanities in Delhi.

Moushumi has been regarded   as one of the most innovative, original and experimental short – fiction writers of contemporary Assamese literature by the critics and readers.  She has received several   prestigious   national and  regional awards  such as  Rastriya Bhasha Parishad  Award, Munin Borkotoki Award, Eka abong Koyekjon Sahitya Sansriti Samman  etc , for her creative writing and has represented India and North-East at several international and national  fora .  Her stories have been published in several national and international literary magazines and edited anthologies ( Oxford anthology of North East Writing,  Penguin anthology of fifteen classic Assamese short stories etc) and have been translated into many Foreign & Indian languages such as German , Korean, English,  Hindi, Bengali, Oriya, Nepali and many others.

Moushumi has been actively engaged in translations from English, Hindi and Bengali to Assamese and from Assamese to English and Hindi.  Salvador Dali’s DIARY OF A GENIUS into Assamese and poetry of the Missing tribe of Assam to English, published by Sahitya Academy, New Delhi are notable along with a range of modern /  contemporary  Hindi Poems into Assamese.

 As an academic, Dr. Moushumi Kandali’s  specialised areas are cultural studies with specific reference to visual practices  and  literary cultures.  Her  major area of academic engagement has been the art and culture of North Eastern India  with a pioneering doctoral  thesis about the modern art discourse of Assam . With her  extensive study about the discourse   of  visual  art and  cultural practices  in the  North-East , she has been regularly   publishing research essays and articles   in various international and national journals.