Linda Christanty

Linda CHRISTANTY  was born in Bangka, an island near the east coast of South Sumatra. She used to live in Aceh for almost 6 years. Aceh  province was a conflict zone in Indonesia, where she established Aceh Feature news agency in 2005 and led this office until 2011.  For her essay, “Militerisme dan Kekerasan di Timor Leste”, (“Militarism and Violence in East Timor”) she got an award for the best essay in 1998.  With all her background in journalism and her human rights activism, Christanty’s works is suffused with critical perspectives on politics and human rights concerns, not only in Indonesia but also in other parts of the world. Her collection of short stories, KudaTerbang Maria Pinto (Maria Pinto’s Flying Horse), won the Khatulistiwa Literary Award 2004. She received Southeast Asian Writers Award (SEA Write Award) from the Kingdom of Thailand in 2013. Her works have been circulated globally, translated into many languages, including French, Thai, Arabic, German, English, Japanese and Finnish. Her other works include Jangan Tulis Kami Teroris (Dont Write that We are Terrorists),  Seekor Burung Kecil Biru di Naha; Konflik, Tragedi, Rekonsiliasi (A Little Blue Bird in Naha; Conflict, Tragedy and Reconcilliation), and Para Raja dan Revolusi (The Kings and The Revolutions).