Liladhar Teron

Literature experience :- Short stories, poem and prose etc in Karbi languge published in various megazine,         souvenir, Newspaper etc.

Editing experience the following books and magazines :-

Published Book

1 Lamjir Pangrum (2004)        Book (Collection of essay, lecture etc)           Karbi Lammet Amei, Diphu

2 Bonglong Terang (2016)      Book (Works & life history of Karbi Lammet Amei, Diphu late Bonglong Terang, the noted Karbi folklories and writer)

3 Ovekimi (6th issue,2009)     Annual Megazine of Karbi Riso  Karbi Riso Adorbar, Diphu  Adorbar (Karbi Youth Association)

4 Vaisongkiri (1st issue,2010) Annual Megazine of Karbi Jutang Karbi Jutang Kangthur Amei,Dillai Kangthur Amei, Dillai (Karbi  cultural organisation)

5 Vaisongkiri (2nd issue,2011)           -do-                                                     -do-

6 Vaisongkiri (4th issue,2015)            -do-                                                     -do-

7 Vaisongkiri (5th issue,2016)            -do-                                                     -do-

8 Vaisongkiri (6th issue,2017)            -do-                                                     -do-

9 Lammet Amung’2016          Annual megazine of the deptt. of       Dy Director Information & Public

(3rd issue, 2016)                  IPRD, Karbi Anglong.                                    Relations (Hills), Diphu

10 Langrik (2011)                   Souvenir of 38th Annual Conference Karbi Students’ Association

of Karbi Students’ Association)

11 Rup Alir (2012)                  Souvenir published on the occasion    Silver Jubille celebration committee

of the Silver Jubille celebration of

Dillai State Dispensary, Dillai)

Working experience : (1) General Secretary of Karbi Riso Adorbar in the year 2006 to 2009 (2) Assistant General Secretary of Karbi Lammet Amei w.e.f. 2015 onward (Varieties portfolios in Karbi Lammet Amei from 1987 to 2015) (3) Assistant General Secretary of Karbi Tokbang Aterank,Diphu (The Karbi writers’ Club) from 2015 onward.

  • Short Stories

1 Ale 1986 (missing)

2 Kedam Ari  1987 (College megazine)

3 Tumeng asorbot  2004 (Souvenir)

4 Sir 2012 on Rup Alir and Souvenir, KAAC employees’  Associaon, 2013

5 Kamatha Apunsir 2013 on Souvenir, KAAC employyes Association, Diphu

6 Arleng hijan 2014 on Souvenir, KAAC employyes Association, Diphu

7 Lo Tara  2014 on 1st issue of Lammet Amung (Published by the deptt. of Information & Public Relations (Hills), Diphu

8 Dampro    2015 on Souvenir, Karbi Youth Festival

9 Bong kejoi  2015 on 2nd issue of Lammet Amung, 2015 and Souvenir,  Rongmongve Rong aje

10 Kejok 3rd issue of Lammet Amung, 2016 and 1st issue of MANIM,  September, 2015 (Monthly Karbi megazine)

11 Council athengno adap isi  Souvenir, 64th Foundation Day of KAAC on 23/6/2015

12 Jirpo  2nd issue of MANIM, October,2015

13 Chini, Sita chinine 2016

14 Epo amo  2016