Kanaka Ha Ma Vishnunadh

Kanaka Ha Ma Vishnunadh is one of the prominent poets of Kannada literature. Her poems have been appreciated for their exposition of the innermost feelings in a language that is evocative and unique.

She has published three poetry collections Hole Bagilu (River Door), Paapanashini(Destroyer of Sin) and ArabiEmbaKadalu (Sea called Arabi).  She has translated JavedAkhtar’sTarkash, an anthology of poems in Urdu into Kannada with the title Battalike (A Quiver), a few poems of JameelaNishat and stories of Marquez. While working with SPARROW (Sound and Picture Archives for Research on Women) she has edited two volumes of books containing interviews of many women writers, poets, sculptors, scientists, social activists etc.Kanaka has read her poems at Central Sahitya Academy programmes, France Poetry Biennale, Karnataka Women Writers Conference, Bengaluru Literary Festival and many more.She also writes articles and has contributed as a columnist in leading Kannada newspapers.

As a director of PAMPA (People for Performing Arts and More), Kanaka is the chief organizer of its annual literary festival, SIWE (South India Writers’ Ensemble), held in Chengannur.

Kanaka is settled in Chengannur, a part of central Travancore of Kerala, along with her husband P.C.Vishnunadh and daughter Annapoorneshwari Devi and is collectively involved in organizing children theatre activities, literary meets, film screenings and ‘Meet the Poet’ programmes in schools.