Gajen Mili

Mr.Gajen Mili a prominent name often come into discussion for his poetry written.. in mising language and Assamese language  as well . His poetry is based on especially rivers, natural properties and humanity . He started writing poetry since 1992, His poetries  has  been being published in daily news papers , weekly, fortnightly and monthly Assamese magazines. He edited few state level Souvenirs and magazine ( Jia Bharalir Rengoni, Adhyay, Bhorali billam, Natun Akash etc….) and he had worked in 2005 for Mising language text book editing and publishing  under ‘SCERT’ Assam. He had also been working in various literary works of ‘Mising Agom Kébang’ since 2005.

Published own book :  1. Mé:tom-Ni:tom (1994)  2. Ebati Apongor xohobash 3. Tomer Uthar Maubagisat 4. Aru Aei Bhal powa

He is also involved in various social , cultural and literary organizations  and in various human activist organizations  from long  since .