Dileep Chandan

Dileep Chandan (52)is a senior journalist in the North-East region of India.He has been working in this profession for last 30years.He was a student of English Literature(M.A.from Guwahati University). He started his journalistic carrier in a magazine(Ajir Somoy)and later on was working for ‘The Sunday'(now defunct)publishing from The ABP group(Kolkata).He has been Editing ‘ASAM BANI’,a 61 year old newspaper publishing from ‘The Assam Tribune group from 1997(19 years)in Assam.He has been awarded with ‘Sarojini Naidu award for rural journalism(Delhi),Haribangsh Rai Bacchan Rai award for journalism(Mumbai),The Sentinel Rural reporting award,K.K.Birla Foundation Fellowship(Del HT),National Foundation For India Fellowship(Del)etc.Dileep Chandan is also member of several National and Regional Organization and Institute in the country.He also is a guest lecturer in journalism in few universities.
While he is a popular novelist and writer in Assamese language except journalism.Till now he has published 16 books on various facet of society and North East.Among them one is biography and another one is essays on experiences of long years journalism.
For his latest novel ‘Kazirangar Ballad’he has been awarded with the most prestigious ‘Sayed Abdul Malik literary Award’ in Assam very recently.His first novel was on ‘Majuli’with three edition with several thousand copies.This novel deals with the problems of the biggest river-islad in the world(then!)with a popular story.While he has written other few novels on various north east based issues including insurgency and history.His another exceptional novel ‘Janosa Pahori Gola’ is archeology based,but popular with the archaeological history of Assam.He is now busy with research work for an another novel.