Devendra Mewari

Devendra Mewari , M.Sc. (Botany), M.A. (Hindi Literature) & PG Diploma in Journalism, is a senior Hindi science writer and Science Storyteller. He was born in a remote village of Nainital district, Uttarakhand.

He has written over 1500 popular science articles and has authored over 30 popular science books which include Vigyannama, Vigyan ki Duniya, Natak Natak mein Vigyan, Vigayn aur Hum, Meri Priy Vigyan Kathaien, Meri Vigyan Diary (Vol 1&2), Vigyan Prasang, Vigyan Baramasa, Saurmandal Ki Sair, Suraj Ke Aangan Mein and Phaslein Kahen Kahani. His autobiographical memoir ‘Meri Yadon Ka Pahad’ has been received very well by readers.

He has also translated a few science books into Hindi like Mars Beacons (Srinivas Laxman), Genes and Means (Dr. D. Balasubramanian), Our Comman Birds (Asad R. Rahmani) and Story of Chemistry (Anirban Hazra). He has also edited many science books in Hindi.

Mr. Mewari has delivered several popular science lectures in schools, colleges and various institutions. In his unique storytelling style he has addressed over 10,000 students/children/general audience during last three years.

He has been awarded the prestigious Hindi Acadamy Delhi Samman (2016) of Rs. One lakh, Atmaram Award of Rs.One lakh for science popularization from the Hon. President of India, NCSTC National Award for science popularization, Bhartendu Harish Chandra National Bal Sahitya Award, Vigyan Parishad Prayag Shatabdi Samman, which also published Devendra Mewari Samman Ank’ (a special issue of monthly Vigyan) in 2006.