Carlo Pizzati

Carlo Pizzati has published two novels, a collection of short stories and a non-fiction book. His novels deal with the concept of a sense of history and belonging juxtaposed with transformation through travel and experience. His short stories have explored the concept of identity and the relationship between rational, scientific thought with irrational insight. His non-fiction book tackles the dialogue between spirituality and technology in a journey to the end of the world to cure a chronic back ache. His texts appear in Italian, English and Spanish.

He writes about culture and politics for the Italian national newspaper “la Stampa” and lectures in universities across different continents on communication theory investigating how digitalisation of information affects the way we absorb knowledge and also multicultural communication.

Born in Switzerland, he grew up near the Dolomites Mountains, north of Venice, Italy, then in Florida, Washington D.C. and New York City where, at 21, he started to work as a foreign correspondent for “la Repubblica”, moving then to Mexico, Argentina, Spain and Italy.

Since 2010 he writes about Asia, while based in a fishermen village in Tamil Nadu.