Bijoy Sankar Barman

Assamese poet and translator, Bijoy Sankar Barman (b.1980) already has ten published books on different genres to his credit. The recipient of the prestigious Munin Barkataki Award in 2007 for his debut collection of poems Deo, Barman received the Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puraskar in 2013 for his second collection of poems Ashokastami. Barman has been recognized by Indian Express as one of the ten ‘Best Young Writers’ of India in 2012. Besides publishing three critically acclaimed collections of poems Deo (2006), Ashokastami (2011) and Barnamukti (2015), his other published books includePisarateoja, Ketetong(2016), the first-ever anthology of poetry of an Assamese litterateur published from Europe (in Estonian language), KurundoheirKabita(2014), the first-ever Assamese translation of the ancient Tamil classic Kuruntokai, RupiabathanorKabiPrantikorKabita (2008), a bilingual collection of his selected poems, Kabyacharcha (2012), an edited anthology of poems by contemporary young Assamese poets, and so on. Apart from English and all other constitutionalized regional languages in India, his poems have been translated into Italian, French,Estonianetc. He represented India in the SAARC Festival of Literature in 2013. A post-graduate in English Literature and Sociology, Barman is pursuing a PhD on the gender perspectives in tribal mythology of Assam from Gauhati University, and studied in Department of Estonian and Comparative Folklore, University of Tartu, Estonia as visiting Doctoral Student.