Arup Kumar Dutta

Arup Kumar Dutta is a fulltime Indian author and freelance journalist based in Guwahati, Assam. He writes short-fiction, long-fiction, non-fiction, newspaper articles and columns, satirical pieces for adults, as well as juvenile novels. His works of fiction like The Anagarika’s Swansong, Red — Camellia Green, The Ahoms have received critical acclaim, as have his 15 non-fiction books like The Brahmaputra, Unicornis, Cha-Garam—The Tea Story, The Final Frontier, The Roving Minstrel etc. His 17 juvenile adventure novels include The Kaziranga Trail, Blind Witness, Smack,  Lure of Zangrila, Revenge, Save the Pool, Oh Deer, Footprints in the Sand, The Counterfeit Treasure, A Story About Tea, The Crystal Cave etc. Among his awards are Shankar’s Award, Journalist Welfare Foundation Award, Kamal Kumari National Award and Life Time Achievement Honour by AWIC, the Indian Chapter of International Board for Books for Young People. Between 2004-2008 the Government of India appointed him Director, Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Centre, Jakarta, and Indian Cultural Centre, Bali, with the rank of a Counselor in the Indian Embassy, Jakarta, Indonesia.